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Global Airport Concierge has been offering airport passenger services for over ten years, with an experienced team of aviation and travel professionals dedicated to making travel seamless and stress-free. During this time, we have transformed airport experiences across the globe, with offices in the US and Europe, and a network of over 1000 airports worldwide.

We work closely with travel agencies, airlines, corporations, card issuers and banks, entertainment and events companies, and individual travelers to provide specialized travel services. From long-standing partnerships to numerous publications,


Global Airport Concierge is a leader in airport passenger services with a proven track record of innovation, customer satisfaction and service excellence.

We are a fully licensed, security cleared official provider of airport services, who actively work with local teams and aviation representatives to better the on-ground experience of air travel. Our in-house development team provides custom technology solutions to travel partners worldwide and works hand in hand with airports, consulting them on how to best provide a market leading passenger service offering. We also actively work with local vendors to provide them with the skills and technology that can help them achieve a high level of service.

Our goal is to transform the airport to a customer service experience equivalent to the best in class venues and make travel accessible to all, through a one stop shop providing 24/7 customer and operational support.